Genealogy of Only Parts of the


Families of Derbyshire, Norfolk and Yorkshire.

This on-line database is placed here by Sheila Ellis to aid research into these families and their many offshoots. If you feel your own research may relate to any persons contained here, then please contact Sheila Ellis, she would love to hear from you.

If you are using any information from this database in your own research then please do Sheila the honour of making reference to either this database or to Sheila Ellis.

If you are using any of the information from this web site on a web site of your own then please arrange with Sheila for reciprocal links to be established. (This will improve the chances of both researchers gaining more information for their respective family trees)

At last, a viable and stable GuestBook is now up and running, I would love to have your comments.

My grateful thanks for help with the information contained in this database go to:

Elaine Bannister, Jeanne Clifton, Bryan Dewson, Brian Drescher, John Gilhooly, Marion Rumsey, (her son-in-law Peter Bricklebank), Christina Wadsworth and of course my own immediate relatives - without their help I could not have started this database and website.

I will be continually updating this website as and when new information becomes available
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Includes indices for Surnames and Names. Also includes short family trees to show connections.

Last Updated 6 Sept 2002
About The Family

'Bits and Bobs' of information about people included in the database. Plus any help required with researching. If you can help or wish to include any information please e-mail Sheila or write in the Guestbook

Last Updated 27 July 2001
Family Photo Gallery
Several Galleries of Different families included in the database
Last Updated 03 Sep 2002
Church Photo Gallery Photos of Churches attended by Families within the database. Some Photos of Altars and Fonts included. Last Updated 19 Aug 2001
Memorial Inscription Photo Gallery Photos of memorial inscription on grave stones, plaques or books of persons within the database. Last Updated 02 Aug 2002

A List of other names being researched by those who have contributed to this website. If you have any information please e-mail Sheila or use the e-mail link against the Researcher's Name

Last Updated June 2001
Please leave your comments and suggestions, I love to read them.
A list of useful information links as well as other genealogy websites
Last Updated 03 Sep 2002
Web sites for the following names soon to be completed:
Abbey, Ellis, Hicks
We will highlight the name when they are on-line and also place them in the Web Links page
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